Dust Collector/Filter

VORSEP Axial Flow Vortex Tubes Filters

An axial flow VORTEX tube is a centrifugal separation device used to separate particulate matter from gas streams by centrifugal action. The gas entering the tube is forced to rotate or swirl through helical vanes at the entrance of the tube.

This swirl exerts a centrifugal force upon the particulate matter displacing it outwards. The particulate is forced past outside of the mouthpiece where it falls out through the scavenge opening under the action of momentum and gravity. With the primary direction of the gas stream remaining unchanged along the axis of the separator, the cleaned gas passes through the mouthpiece. Pressure loss across the filter and wear on the filter are kept to a minimum, as the primary direction of the flow remains unchanged.

VORSEP Filters are batteries of highly developed axial flow vortex tubes. These systems have been developed to offer single tube performance for any size of system.

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Unique Advantages of the VORSEP Filtration Systems:

dust collector
  • Proven to be very efficient.
  • Offer outstanding separation characteristics, combined with low-pressure losses and excellent wear resistance.
  • Allow flexibility with custom-designed systems to fit into specific plant layouts with minimal modifications to existing equipment.
  • Low maintenance and cost-effective.
  • High turndown ratio

Typical Application of the VORSEP Filteration Systems:

dust collector vorsep dust collector
  • High temperature systems
  • High dust loads
  • Varying flow conditions
  • Abrasive dust